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Today is the world day of our wonderful planet, and it is good to know that there are people who fight for his well being.

The planet earth is our home, which gives us what we need to survive, and it is our responsibility to care for and keep our home clean and organized for our own well being and the well being of all those around us.

This is the illustration that I created for this special celebration. Earth Day needs to be every day.

This illustration is available for download, you can contact the artist

Below I want to leave some actions that we can do to contribute to the well being of our wonderful planet Earth:

  • Plant trees, they breathe by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, also contributing to improve air quality;
  • Eat organic foods, these are free of pesticides and help our planet to keep you healthy;
  • Properly separate waste so that the material to be recycled is not wasted and can be used;
  • Reuse water from washing machine and use rainwater for no-drinking activities.
  • Do not buy or sell wild animals, the purchase and sale of these animals compromises the world’s biodiversity.

If each one of us does our part, the world will be much better.

I hope you enjoy this article that I wrote with happiness and a lot of love.

Love and Blessings

Helena de Almeida