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International animal rights day is celebrated on December 10, and I created this artwork where you can find printed on several gifts with a message: Don’t harm my babies, we also have the right to be a family.

Animals have feelings, and they protect their family, and love them like human beings do. They cry and they grave when one of them dies.

It is so natural in this world to “produce and kill animals for consumption” that people forget that we are animals too, and we should put ourselves in their foot to see with more clear mind how animals surfer in human hands.

Use these gifts to spread a message, hope that you liked this art. Be the animals’ voices because they cannot protect themselves from the cruel world. This is an opportunity to show solidarity with the millions of animals killed by people. You can do this by wearing animal awareness.

Here you can find some of the articles available for international animals rights day, Thank you 💕

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Blessings and love for you.

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