Born in Portugal, Helena de Almeida is an international artist who can break prejudices and immerse herself in creative, fanciful and spiritual art with a touch of reality that are effective conduits of expression when words seem inadequate.

She uses and abuses the colors that reflects optimistic and loving view of the world around her. Helena creates a visual language of love, emotion and spirituality, hoping to bring moments of happiness through her artworks. Self-taught at an early age she always felt the need to express her feelings through images inspired by the universe and nature.

Helena had a career in quality and process management in the automotive and logistics industries for several years. Although her job were financially satisfactory, she did not feel that she was professionally complete, even though the quality department gave her the opportunity to use her creativity to solve quality problems or optimize processes.

After several attempts to change jobs, she decided at the age of 41 that her hobby – art – should become her new professional career. This change was made possible by the support of her beloved partner, who always believed in her talent.