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This is a time when nature shows its beautiful creations with therapeutic colors for those blessed that know how to admire them.

Here smells are mixed with several natural perfumes without any cost. A walk in the forest during this period is able to heal the soul and elevate it to a pure fullness.

Campfires are done to perform rituals in order to protect crops, animals and people.

In an energetic way, I see the seeds as our thoughts, actions and words; if you have good intentions of love, healing, compassion and gratitude, we will reap the same for our future lives.

Now growth, protection, fertility, love and sexuality starts with more intensity. The flowers begin to bloom the days are growing longer and the sun is each day more strong.

All nature are in love, and we should join this beautiful festival with rituals and magic.

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Blessings and love for you,

Helena de Almeida