Hello! Soon my tarot academy will be online, I need your opinion.

I think this can be an enjoyable way to improve or test our tarot knowledge. I speak for myself as I know how challenging it can be to know or remember the meaning, key words, order and basic symbology of all 78 cards. This method will help us to remember them, without having to open the tarot book or even the notes in our books of shadows. Exercise your tarot knowledge daily so you never forget them in your readings. Doing the correct exercises that you need to improve your tarot reading knowledge.

The tarot deck used at this academy is one of my creations, the Golden Black Cat, designed based on the tarot of A.E. Waite. You can use this or any other tarot deck you have, because basically what will change is the art of each card, but the meaning is similar.

I decided to make one of the exercises available here so that you can start your training with Major Arcana and keywords.