Guidance in your own tarot reading

Hello, my name is Helena de Almeida and I will help you on your new magical path to the world of tarot, the evolution of your psychic power. I am the author and creator of the Black Cat and Golden Black Cat tarot decks, and I’ve been reading Tarot for over 20 years. I know how difficult it can be in the beginning to start reading for ourselves and trust our judgment.

This guidance is for people over 18 years of age who wish to develop intuition, our natural psychic power through the tarot.

Yes, you can read tarot for yourself, there is no rule that says otherwise. I’ve been doing it and I’ve gotten good results in my self-knowledge, personal and professional development. I can even say that during the time I didn’t, I felt lost, confused and stagnant.

The tarot is a tool that helps us to develop our psychic power, which is the sixth sense. As humans we are used to using only the five senses that are smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. But with this psychic development that we all have, we will also begin to use more the sixth sense that I understand as intuition.

Intuition is always there to advise us, that divine, silent voice that protects and accompanies us in this material world. When undeveloped we either don’t hear it or we don’t want to hear it blocked by our emotions.

In this guidance, I will be with you in three different phases which are:

First phase – Knowing the tarot deck, cards and working intuition: 90€ (3h)
Second phase – Reading the card of the day or week: 30 € (1h)
Third phase – General reading with Celtic cross methodology: 60€ (2h)

This guidance will be done online by video call in English or Portuguese and I will only accept sessions from this form. I will never do sessions without video, so you can see that I am with you. This measure is to prevent people pretending to be me and from fooling you, the so-called scammers.

Fill in the form to combine guidance.

I will contact you to arrange and confirm your guidance after you book your appointment.

Blessings and love for you.